Institut für Mathematik Universitaet Potsdam

Monthly Online Colloquium

Mathematics in Lebanon and beyond

Institute of Mathematics Potsdam

This colloquium will serve as a meeting place for scientific exchange, bringing together mathematicians from the Lebanese diaspora, friends of Lebanon from around the world, and researchers based in Lebanon. By nature, the colloquium will be interdisciplinary and speakers will be asked to prepare pedagogical talks addressed to a wide audience including non experts in the subject. Presentations can be given in French or English.

Forthcoming talks:

Tuesday October 10th 2023
as part of the conference
"At the confluence of Geometry, Analysis and Mathematical Physics"
October 10-12, 2023, at the American University of Beirut"

Past talks:

Wednesday September 13th 2023 Tuesday June 6th 2023 Tuesday May 16th 2023 Tuesday April 4th 2023 Tuesday March 7th 2023

Opening session: Tuesday February 7th 2023


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